Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tower of London

The Tower of London: honestly would have been better if I wasn't so tired and it was so hot and the rooms weren't so tiny and there weren't so many tourists! Dad, I'm sorry we made you go to Disneyland all of those years, I'm starting to understand this issue with tourism--I hate tourists! (though I'm glad we always went, and in the rain--that makes things so much better, less stupid people!) But it certainly was interesting, and the crown jewels were cool--totally over the top, but who am I to judge. If they want to have a bejeweled, pure gold punch bowl the size of a baptismal font, so be it. It is fun to tour and see all these cool things for sure. :)

Lady Jane Grey graffiti. Lady Jane Grey was queen for nine days in 1553, imprisoned in the tower by Mary I. This is not carved by Jane, but probably her husband. However, as Dr. Seely pointed out, Jane's husband's mother was also named Jane, so if you take a Freudian view of the story then it changes things. :P
Gold-plated and cased sub-machine gun. Sterling Mk 4 sub-machine gun. I know what I want for Christmas. ;)
Recycled scold's bridle originally used to punish gossips--too bad we don't have those today.
Chopping Block. Yeah...
I did get a kick out of the armory--King Henry VIII's armor is to die for, seriously. Maybe I'm horrible but his suit seriously cracked me up. Everywhere we go there is something of his and it continually makes me laugh. He thought pretty highly of himself. ;)


Jesse said...

Behave yourself Kellianne. ;-)

The Mad Hatter said...

oh super random, i saw your blog from my friend Kaitlin's and i love looking at yours! Are you over in England for a semester? I love hearing about your adventures, sorry to sound creepy but its true