Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Sweets: Fairy Tale Moments

My goodness! I myself have been living a very long and lovely fairy-tale moment myself--as manifested by my absence on this blog, haha... and what a fairy-tale moment it has been! When I get my pictures together and the time to write, I will share it all with you--but for now, just know that I am officially and so very happily married to my very best friend and living my fairy-tale moments each and every day. They are, of course, mixed in with the real life--but the moral of the story, my dear friends, is that life isn't about fairy-tale endings, how boring would that be?? It is all about those wonderful, beautiful, fairy-tale moments; they are there, all around us, just waiting to be noticed--cherish them, live them, that's what makes life so beautiful. <3

P.S. Here's a teaser picture for you--my little Vera enjoying a bit of my wedding dress: