Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I've Been Up To As Of Late...

Hey guys! So, I've been MIA for quite a while... and will be for another 2-3 weeks I think... but after that I am back and ready to party! So for those interested in the reasons for my absence, here you go:
Haha, I'm getting married! Yup, unbelievable, but true--best Christmas present EVER! Can't beat that. ;)

It's going to be fabulous--not only is my sweetheart so completely my other half (cheesy, but SOOOO true--let's face it, he's PERFECT for me), but my mom is making my wedding dress (finished today--it's her Sistine Chapel for sure!), my sister and I are making the bridesmaids dresses, and between myself and my family we're doing the decorations, flowers, refreshments, and cake--DIY wedding on a budget, but most definitely not cutting corners on style and beauty. Let's just say I'm super excited to celebrate my happily ever after. :)