Thursday, July 1, 2010

Museum of London

After St. Paul's we visited the Museum of London--we barely made it through one exhibit and were there for hours, but it was so fun. We went through the history of London, starting with Prehistoric London. My favorite were the skulls with holes in them--I know there's a reason they used to do this, but I'll have to research it to find out. I had to laugh, because I have a hole in my skull, so maybe in a billion years my head will be in a museum--yup, I'm morbid like that. ;)

I always wanted to ride one of these.
This is a 1920's flapper, and what is actually really cool is that I wore one almost identical to this (but black and purple) when I was in high school--it was my grandma's or great-grandma's or something cool like that.
I had to take a picture of this just because it's a hedgehog, and I love them.
Old treadle sewing machine--cool because it's sewing, and sewing is as everyone knows the coolest thing around, but also cool because my mom has one in her room. :)
I want an old candlestick phone--much more fun than these little cell phones with buttons too small for my fingers.
and me talking some more--anyone surprised? ;)

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Jesse said...

I like these pictures. I noticed the position of your sunglasses... you still have your soul right?