Thursday, April 16, 2015

For My Uncle Jim

My dear Uncle Jim suffered an accident last week while on vacation with his family and is in need of help. He and his family are my favorite people--Uncle Jim taught me to eat my vegetables, to treat everyone you meet as a friend, and that there is always something in life to be enjoyed, no matter how hard things are. The Andersen family are truly the sweetest, kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet, and they honestly would help anyone with anything. This is a huge change Jim and his family are going through. If you are in a position to give, I know my family would be very appreciative. Prayers and support welcome. Thank you all.

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On April 7th, while on vacation with his family in St George, UT Jim Andersen suffered a serious fall. As a result, Jim and his family are facing significant unexpected medical expenses, and need some support to get back on track.

Jim makes everyone he meets laugh. He has always been the guy that jumps to help anyone in need. His generosity and warmth to others have been felt by all who know him. He is a much loved and admired father, favorite uncle, brother, neighbor and friend. Jim is a hard worker, and was just getting ready to start a new job on his return from vacation. Jim will be unable to work now, while he is rehabilitating after the fall. 

Jim's wife, Jeanmarie, has been teaching children in the school district for 12 years now. She is going to be stepping away from her classroom duties for a time to support Jim in his recovery.

This wonderful family really needs our help so that they can focus on recovery without the worry of financial difficulties that will come with this life changing accident. Your donation is of crucial importance to this family's peace of mind.

There is no way to know exactly what the medical expenses are going to be at this time, but they will be significant. If there are funds left over, they will be paid forward to another family facing a medical challenge. Thank you for your generosity.