Saturday, July 31, 2010

Palace of Versailles

After Chartres we hit the Palace of Versailles, which I confess was not my favorite but definitely cool to say I’ve been there; the entire time I was singing “Tale as old as time…” (the architecture in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast comes from the Rococo Period epitomized by the over-the-top Palace of Versailles). There were so many people, and again, no air conditioning, and only one entrance/exit, so I was feeling pretty shaky by the end. Fortunately we weren’t inside too terribly long, and afterwards Lizzie and Jacqui and I spent the 6 Euro and sprinted through the gardens—it was a literal sprint too, because we only had 45 minutes, and those gardens aren’t exactly secret and small. We didn’t even touch half of the ground there, but it was definitely worth it to try. We came around one particular hedge into a small court, and there just standing in the middle a Bernini sculpture—BERNINI! Insane.

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