Monday, July 19, 2010

City of Bath

Oh my word, I finished my test! I've definitely had worse (ahem... Dr. Macfarlane... but I did LOVE that class), and at least I'm done.

Anyway, in my attempt to catch up on recent activities, next is the City of Bath. Of course I went to the Roman Baths, but that will be the next post (they weren't my favorite--too touristy). The city itself is actually quite cute. Bath is one of the central locations for many of Jane Austen's novels, so Dr. Bird was super excited and pointed out all the places where her movies have been filmed, like the Ballroom in the Assembly Rooms where all the 18th century dances were held (Jane Austen actually went to dances here too, AND they filmed her movies here--pretty cool), and the main street, and such (I guess I should watch those films again so I know what she's talking about--I'm one of 4 girls not in the Austen class and so sometimes I find myself lost).

Admittedly this one is just for fun--I have no idea what a hot pink lion was doing outside of the Assembly Rooms.
The Grand Ballroom:

Anne playing the wallflower:
And the city!
Oh, and here is Bath Abbey--my favorite Abbey (yes, I can say that--I've seen many Abbeys as of late), but sadly the University of Bath was having graduation so we couldn't go inside! :( But the outside is just as cool--look at the cute little angels climbing up the ladders on the facade. Dr. Seely said they came here when Beno was younger, and he thought the angels were stupid for using the ladder when they have wings. Cute.
I did get to peak in though for a brief second--admire the fan vaulting!

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