Thursday, July 22, 2010


Glastonbury is another wonderful pilgrimage site--or "thin place" as they call it--full of all these spiritual vibes that make your hair stand on end--it's awesome, where it is claimed King Arthur lived and was buried with Guenevere, where Joseph of Arimathea was buried and brought with him the Holy Grail (what that is exactly of course is a debate, one which we tried to debate over in Seely's class, but none of the girls knew anything about Indiana Jones or the Da Vinci Code, so that debate died pretty quickly), and some other crazy things like that. It's a beautifully quaint little place, and it really does have a strangely wonderful feeling there. Rachel, Katy and I converted and we are now monks, just in case any of you were wondering why we are no longer seen at large organized church meetings. ;) Beno said we looked like assassins, Andrew thought we looked like Sith.

The Abbot's Kitchen--that bread is older than you ever want to know, and it has a mouse in it! :P
Some nice roasted pigs from the middle ages... all the food here was authentic and ancient. YUM.

King Arthur's Grave.
Playing dead on King Arthur's grave--yeah, I have some morbid issues sometimes.
The legend says that when Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury, he planted his staff in the ground and up sprouted this thorn tree.

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