Saturday, July 17, 2010


I feel like I just ran a marathon. I want to sleep for the next 100 years. Was it worth it? What kind of question is that--it's ALWAYS worth it! Paris was surprisingly enjoyable; I admit I had extremely low expectations for the place, but I found it to be so much funner than I ever imagined. I think that we fit in just about as much as one physically can in only 4-5 days, which is why I am so exhausted, but it was worth every minute. I will post more soon--for now I need to sleep and study for Dr. Seely's midterm (which I am surprisingly not worried about... is that bad?). Paris taught me several things: sleep is good, food is better--especially when nutella is involved, the rain actually is wonderful, love's not too bad either, I love school/learning more than anyone on this planet, people will always surprise you, life is too short to worry, Saint Chappelle needs a better electrician, the tube beats the metro any day of the week, blessings come in infinitely large numbers, you can learn to love the people you hate and the people you love will do things that you hate, gypsies are very sneaky, it's NOT just another cathedral, life will never cease to surprise you, there's never EVER enough time so get going, a good dessert is always the answer, and getting to know people tends to fix many problems.

So since I am absolutely exhausted and my head is pounding and I probably gained 20 pounds in the past 5 days and I have a major midterm on Monday I should study for and I ran out of clothes and the laundry room was packed and I'm out of food and did I mention that I'm tired... so of course, what's the best thing to do? Skip the shower and studying and go out for some fun! Albeit I didn't go too far or do too much, but I did take a stroll through Camden Market today, which wasn't spectacular but did have the best doughnuts in the world:

A triple chocolate chunk fudge filled extra large doughnut. I know you're jealous right about now. I would be too. ;) J.K. Rowling was right: chocolate can act as a tonic to the mind. :)

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