Sunday, July 18, 2010

From Humanities 101 to the Real Deal

Since I am stuck here for a fireside (I suppose stuck is the wrong word--I actually really do enjoy these firesides, it's just that today is one of those lovely days that makes you question life and its meaning) I guess I have some time to do some blogging, because I am terribly far behind.

A while back I spent an afternoon at the British Museum, which in and of itself is quite the story, but we'll save that for those privileged few who are so blessed to hear me vent. Once I finally got to the museum it was a wonderful experience, and I am anxious to return (I barely made it through one room of the entire place--you could spend a lifetime in London and never see it all). My favorite part of the museum was The Elgin Marbles--can you believe it??? I actually saw THE ELGIN MARBLES! The Greeks and Romans are among my favorite things to study, so this was a big deal for me. Not to mention that Paul once sat on the steps of the Parthenon to preach to the people--right in front of these sculptures! I daydreamed about that a little bit as well. It was wonderful--one more thing to cross off the bucket-list of my life. From my freshman Humanities 101 class (which I took just to fulfill a GE but turned my entire life around) to the real deal. Unbelievable. ;)

P.S. The Elgin Marbles are a collection of Greek marble sculptures that used to be part of the Parthenon in Athens. There is major controversy over the fact that they now reside in London and not in Greece, but I'm not complaining one bit--although I understand the Greek's claim to them, since they happen to be here I got to see them!

Chillin' in front of The West Pediment:

Amphitrite, consort of Poseidon:
Some other gods/goddesses chillin' here with me:
Head of the horse of Selene's chariot (the moon-goddess):
Iris, the messenger God (corresponding with Hermes):
Okay, now these next pictures will never do this justice, but hopefully you can get somewhat of a feel for this room: it is quite literally the largest I have ever seen--it's huge!--and completely filled with all of these wonderful sculptures. I'm still in awe of how many there are!

Just another afternoon here in London. Crazy.

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