Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Tulips Yet, But How About Some Green Blobs?

Our walk today proved fruitless in the search for tulips; there was a multitude of new daffodils, which made me very happy, but still no tulips. We did find on our trek that the Davis' old home (soon to be the Kendall's new home) is finally gone--you may have read something about it in the paper, being used for firemen training and whatnot. Well, it's gone. No more fire-engines and ambulances to clutter the street.

Yep, this is what Cedar has looked like for the past few days. As far as mormon neighborhood excitement goes, it was kind of cool.

No tulips, but there is always more to smile about. For instance, are you familiar with Cake Wrecks? It is only the coolest blog ever--well, it is at least if you appreciate the art of baked goods. It puts a daily smile on my face. I'm not sure why, but today's post in particular really made me laugh; maybe it was the reference to Toy Story, bringing me back to the good old days when Carolyn and I would quote the entire movie off-hand, or maybe it was just the idea of eating these green blobs. I think I could handle making green blobs, that's an achievable cake decorating goal.

Kudos to Cake Wrecks:


Ho ho, heehee, haha, they're coming to take me away!!!

I'm not sure what these things are supposed to be, but they've been popping up at bakeries all across the U.S. lately. Could the carrot jockeys have some competition on their hands?

"Soon, your race of sugar-craving giant sloths shall be OURS. Thaaat's right, we're cute, aren't we? You want to take us hooome, and show us all your financial staaaatements."

These guys are going less for "cute" and more for "mortal terror":

"The claaaaaw! The claw will choose who will go, who will stay, and who will have his or her face rearranged."

Look, they even have a naval division:

"We're Popped-Eyes, the sailor blobs,
We're Popped-Eyes, the sailor blobs,
You won't want to finish,
'Cuz we taste like spinach,
We're Popped-Eyes the sailor blobs!"

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Jayne said...

So awesome! I can't even believe the barbie cake--unreal!

I also love the parked car picture. Unbelievable!