Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5:30am is not a good time

Today I had to get up at 5:30am. I was not pleased about this. Especially because I wasn't expecting to get up this early until Friday. See, Dr. Reichman's office (he's my neurosurgeon) called yeseterday and informed me that he was moving my surgery from Friday to Wednesday--maybe he has weekend plans or something, who knows. It was quite a surprise to my system, learning that my life could be over in less than a day. This is how I felt:

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. I'm over it now though. Of course, seeing that I am sitting in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, waiting for it all to begin, I kind of have to be--yup, they have wireless in the hospital, go figure. In the end I'm actually really glad they changed it to today; now I can quit worrying about it and just let it be. Oooh, and I was forced to finish my cake last night--my final project for my cake decorating class. It's quite fantastic if I do say so myself. I'll post pictures later, it's beautiful!

Speaking of cakes: in honor of my brain transplant today here is another one of the most awesome cakes I have seen; while I personally would probably never eat it, it is pretty impressive:

Hahahahahahahahaha, okay, I admit I often have a sick sense of humor, but I love that cake--yes, it's a real cake, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I wonder if my brain looks anything like that...

And, as is my true bipolar nature, a wonderful piece of advice from sweet Elder Uchtdorf for peace during times of distress (if this isn't somewhat a time of distress, I don't know what is):

"We know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep our heads above water. In fact, in our world of change, challenges, and checklists, sometimes it can seem nearly impossible to avoid feeling overwhelmed by emotions of suffering and sorrow."I am not suggesting that we can simply flip a switch and stop the negative feelings that distress us. This isn't a pep talk or an attempt to encourage those sinking in quicksand to imagine instead they are relaxing on a beach. I recognize that in all of our lives there are real concerns. I know there are hearts here today that harbor deep sorrows. Others wrestle with fears that trouble the soul. For some, loneliness is their secret trial."These things are not insignificant."However, [there are] two principles that may help you find a path to peace, hope, and joy—even during times of trial and distress. I want to speak about God's happiness and how each one of us can taste of it in spite of the burdens that beset us."

AMEN. Well, time for the transplant; Hope to see you all on the other side!


Carolyn said...

You're not getting a transplant or a new brain silly. Just a new piece of skull.

Leanne Gard said...

Kellianne! What the freakin weaking is happening to your brain!!?? I was THRILLED to see a comment from you! But sad to see that you aren't having the time of your life these days. I loved that talk. And I totally appreciated the cake by the way. So cool! And I am jealous that you are taking cake decorating classes, I have always wanted to do that! I'm excited to see the cake you were talking about. I am most definitely putting you up on my blog of people I follow. I hafta know what is goin on with my Kelliroony!

Leanne Gard said...

I have no idea how to erase the comment above and I just realized that my friends logged onto her blog on my computer last. Sorry about that. But I bet you can take a wild stab in the dark to guess who this is.