Monday, October 18, 2010

Recapturing Beauty: Day 8

Alright, I don't know about you, but I've got to say that today is probably my hardest challenge thus far. Today's challenge is: SELF-TALK! Pay attention to your thoughts today. Ask yourself, How do my thoughts make me feel? Is what I'm thinking really true? Practice challenging your negative thoughts and replacing them with truthful ones.
Self-talk. Definitely not my forte in life--but it will be! Heck yes, everyone should have a wonderful conversation with themselves every day. I actually tried this on Sunday, I confess (I cheated and looked ahead, haha). I wore a new dress I finally finished (one I had started when I had surgery... yeah, took me a while to get to it), and making it had frustrated the heck out of me and quite honestly I hated the finished product. But, as I didn't want it to be a waste, I wore it to church yesterday. Knowing how mad I had been at the dress, before I even put it on I told myself, over and over and over, how beautiful I would look. And let me tell you, it totally worked! Yeah, it shocked me too. I felt so beautiful all day long, and it had nothing to do with external compliments or anything--in fact, I don't think I talked to any guys all day (which is saying something, haha). I didn't need someone else to tell me I was beautiful--because I felt it myself, and that's really the most important, right? Anyway, long story short--watch your self-talk, because everyone does it whether you think you do or not, and sadly more often than not women tend to have negative self-talk. So today--POSITIVITY!!! :)

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Kaitlin McKinlay said...

I am so totally loving this Recapturing Beauty challenge!! I'm following along sista! I'm so glad that although I'm not in Utah I can still participate in all these great programs thanks to your lil' o blog! And seriously, no one understands HATING something you sew yourself more than me. UGH! When am I goin to make something I actually love?! And I know that I am also really bad with the self smack talk. I'm always belittling myself and it's naughty. Thanks for reminding me I definitely need to work on it!