Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!

The trip to Beatrix Potter's house definitely wore me out, but fortunately we made it home with just enough daylight for my favorite part of this entire trip... swimming! Yes, that's right; I went swimming in the Lake District (one of only four brave souls mind you, two being the directors' 15 year old sons, so yeah--only two girls were brave enough), how many people can say that? It was epic and amazing. Anne and I rock, what can I say. :)
The water was like ice and I almost didn't get back out onto the dock after jumping in because my muscles were so entirely frozen, but it was totally worth it. I couldn't come all the way here to the Lake District and NOT actually get into the Lake, right? That just wouldn't make much sense.

Not only did we jump in so that we could say that we did it, we ended up swimming around and diving off the dock numerous times (hence the frozen muscles--we were in there for quite a while).

We might have stayed in longer, but Bruce (the killer swan) decided to come and pay us a visit, so we were quick to get back indoors to warm up. I seriously have never in my life had a more satisfying shower--and a hostel shower to boot--it was like heaven, so warm and comforting after swimming with the ice. Definitely best part of my trip thus far. Beautiful setting and so much fun!--who could ask for more? :)


Anne said...

This was my absolute favorite part! I almost backed out, but it ended up being so worth it! We really do rock! PS I miss you!

Kellianne said...

I know! I'm glad you were there, because seriously I was all talk--it was so cold and I just about backed out myself! But I'm soooo glad that we did it, it was amazing. I miss you Anne! Someday when we're not so busy (hahaha) we are going to play, okay??