Monday, October 25, 2010

Durham Cathedral

At Durham Cathedral we had the most adorable little tour guide in the world—she had to be like 100 years old—but she was still going and knew so much, and had such a deep passion for the place—but then she asked if any of us had Scottish ancestry, only to tell us she is not such a fan of the Scots unfortunately. Apparently a group of Scottish men came into the cathedral back in the day and destroyed all of the interior. Dang. Other than that though, it was the best tour so far, definitely. We even sang hymns around St. Cuthbert’s tomb.

By the way, St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne was an Anglo-Saxon monk in the 7th century. Legend had it that when Cuthbert's burial casket was opened eleven years after his death, his body was still perfectly intact and preserved, and ever since he has been associated with numerous miracles.

What was really fun was when Rachel and I were almost run over by the crazy smart-car driving bobbies--yeah, fun stuff--they came out of no where up the tiniest little street I've ever seen, and they didn't care who on earth was in front of them. Not that I blame them too much, apparently there was an emergency inside the cathedral--someone tried to jump off into the cloister--huh. I guess if you're going to commit suicide, a cathedral's the best place to do it? ...

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