Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recapturing Beauty: Day 7

Whether we recognize it or not, this one is pretty hard. Only two percent of women describe themselves as beautiful? Tell me there's not something horribly wrong with that statistic! The fact is, whether we consciously think about it or whether it's a subconscious thing, what you see everyday is going to affect your perceptions about the world and about yourself--it just works that way. How do you perceive your world?So for today, tune out media--no TV, movies, magazines or internet surfing (blogging doesn't count, haha, since I'm blogging at this very moment obviously). Instead tune into nature. Notice a sunset, gaze at the stars, sit by a steam and listen to the water.

This morning I woke up hours before my alarm would have gone off, couldn't fall back asleep, and was pretty much overly ticked off--it's Sunday, I want to sleep! But when I finally gave in and got out of bed, I walked into a different world that I don't get to see everyday: the moon and stars were still shining out in the sky, with a morning light just beginning to sneak up over the mountains. A morning dove was out there somewhere cooing. I got to play with a very energized little Vera, who was happy as a clam as she pranced through the dew-covered grass outside. How often do we take such moments to sit and enjoy the world that God has given us? Not nearly enough. I'm not at all suggesting that you get up before the sun every day of course, but take some time to appreciate nature and what it can do for your body, heart, and soul.

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