Saturday, September 18, 2010

Timpanogos Cave

Confession: I still miss London. No words can describe how it pains my heart. It will be a long time before I will accept being home and not being there; it's an experience that you just can't forget. However, I am working on enjoying life back in Provo, and I really am, I promise. :) Turns out there are fun things to do here as well, like Timpanogos Cave. I have lived in Provo my entire life and I have never been to Timp--how sad is that? I still haven't hiked to the summit, but one step at a time. Last week I finally made it to the cave--and what a sight to see! It was so beautiful.

This is an actual fault-line, marked by the broken stalactites from an earthquakes 410 years ago. This fault line is supposed to have an earthquake every 400 years, so as anyone who has grown up in Provo and is sick of hearing it, we are long overdue for another one. ;)
Chocolate Falls!

The heart of Timpanogos!
By the way, it's really big.
Green popcorn... like Green Eggs and Ham I guess...
Helictite, spaghetti version:

Timp has the largest collection of this stuff. Pretty dang cool.
Bacon! (up there towards the top--the stuff that, you know, looks like bacon)

Part of the Caramel Falls
and then of course the Toffee Falls! Everything here is named for food.
and finally--back outside to the sun! It amazes me how much I truly love the sun.
Beautiful mountains, just starting to change colors (much more red this week than last week when this was taken--Fall is coming!)

and the fuzzy little friend I found on the way down the mountain--you know me, always making friends with strangers.
Thanks Jesse! :)

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No problem, I hope you enjoyed it.