Saturday, September 4, 2010

Music of the Night

The nightlife of London--how about a Broadway musical? Can I just say that I LOVE BROADWAY! Music is the best thing in the world--in my little world everyone breaks into song every other minute. It's great. :)

First on our list: The Phantom of the Opera. Admittedly this was not my first time seeing this show, it's a personal favorite of mine. My earliest memories consist of listening to my mother play Phantom on the piano while my dad sang along. Andrew Lloyd Webber is amazing, and this performance left no room for disappointment. As far as pure talent goes, this was the best I've ever seen--not like the wannabe Broadway voices, but rather the amazing true vocally amazing voices. LOVED IT!
The stage--we were pretty high up, haha.

Next on the list: the one I have waited years to see, seriously. And when it finally decided to come to Utah, I was going to be out of the country! How does that work? Fortunately it was in London as well, and again, AMAZING!!! One of my favorites, ever. The stampede scene: so cool! I totally cried--but seriously, who can NOT cry when even watching the movie?
The set and costumes were by far the most spectacular thing I have ever seen!

Next, I gave in and finally saw WICKED. I wasn't planning on it--there is so much girly hype over this show, there was no way I was going to contribute. If I hear one more graduation using "For Good" I'm going to puke. And yet I made it to the show--and it did not disappoint. Defying Gravity was spectacular! The greatest scene--it was breath-taking.

Last but most certainly NOT least--LES MISERABLES!!! My favorite--SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! But let's face it, Rachel and I couldn't keep from laughing during Castle on a Cloud--she had the broom and everything! ;)

Jean Valjean was so good--I was so completely in love, seriously. and yes, I totally cried when Eponine died. She was by far the best of the entire show. LOVED IT!

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