Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chawton House

I was extremely hesitant to come to Chawton House; personally, I wanted to stay on the bus and take a much needed nap (after a while, you just give up on sleeping at night--not enough time in the day for sleep!). The only thing that got me to go was honestly the lack of AC on the bus while we were at Chawton, so I got a move on pretty quick. Chawton House is the home of Jane Austen (hence my disdain)--not that I don't like Jane Austen... but it turned out that this place was surprising cool.
and yes, I am the only one with a shopping bag--this was the first gift shop on the entire trip that I actually got something from! I bought a nice, old-fashioned looking copy of a compilation of Jane Austen's novels--in theory, so that I will finally actually read one.
It was a beautiful day!
Me and Dr. Tate--he's the best!
The garden was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! That seriously was the best part of the trip.

But I did finally make it inside--and the interior, although not nearly as good as the garden, was pretty cool.

I loved the costumes of course. :)

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