Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love to see the Temple

On our way to Ambleside and the Lake District, need a rest stop like you wouldn't believe, where should we stop? A sketchy truck stop? a bunch of bushes? Oh, I know--how about a LDS chapel! They're bound to let us in--you know, being BYU and everything. Yeah. It's locked. But conveniently the MTC and Preston Temple are RIGHT THERE! Yeah, I was pretty dang excited, not gonna lie. It was beautiful!

Seriously, it's the coolest thing to be traveling away from home, both my American home and my home at the London Centre, and suddenly see a temple! It makes it feel like you're really not all that far away after all. And what's even better--how about an MTC?
The MTC has a flipping lily pond--seriously? We just have a big old grass field...
However, we do have one or two more flags than the MTC here in England. Just a few more maybe.
And finally! We found someone to let us in the church building--nice, clean bathrooms, can't beat that. Pretty cool, like being right at home.

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