Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swan Lake

There are so many things that I got to do in London, it continues to amaze me. Here's another: hey guys, you bored? Wanna go see SWAN LAKE tonight? Seriously? Heck yes. Off to the London Coliseum for the Mikhailovsky Ballet rendition of Swan Lake.

Front row balcony seats--BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE--in my opinion.

Siegfried left much to be desired unfortunately (Sister Seely said the only way he could have gotten that part was his height); Derek in THE SWAN PRINCESS is much better, haha. However, the jester and Odette were absolutely wonderful, and it was a great show, and now I can say that I've seen the 28 fortes of Odette--and yes, I even counted them out loud to make sure she did all 28.
Intermission? How about some ice cream? Yes, feel free to do the math: there were only four of us.
But you have to understand something here--IT'S ICE CREAM!! and it was a fairly LONG show.
We may have got carried away a bit... but that's what we did at shows--intermission means ice cream. Duh. :)

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Anne said...

I'm pretty sure intermission was the best part of the shows just because of the ice cream. . . okay that's not true, but it was soooo good!