Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Globe: best experience so far, seriously. Saw Comedy of Errors--BEST SHOW!!! I loved it. Katy and Caitlyn and I got there extra early to get a good spot--we had standing tickets by the way, but it was well worth it. Much better than sitting in seats, SO MUCH BETTER! Since we got there so early we had front row standing--awesome. We were leaning on the stage, yeah, that closer--the actors were spitting on us, that's just how close we were! One of them even stepped on my hand and broke a nail--quite the experience.

The show was awesome as well; instead of having four different actors for the two sets of twins, they just had the two actors playing all four--so one actor played both individuals in the one set of twins; at the end when all four are supposed to be together on the stage, they used cardboard cutouts on wheels, pretty cool--does that make sense? Hahaha, it was highly confusing and extremely entertaining--even one of the actors got confused and didn't know which person she was actually talking to at one point. It was like Jekyll and Hyde on steriods--you could totally tell when the character changed just from their dramatic actions and facial expressions. It was so wonderful!!!

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