Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Nothing like the Lake District to cheer you up, let me tell you. This place is where I will go when I finally become too fed up with the world to remain among it. The saddest part of this entire trip was that we had to leave Ambleside... it's so beautiful! Honestly, I have never felt so at peace and one with myself.

Home sweet hostel--kind of cute, don't you think?
Right on the lake--literally, step out the front door and BAM! There it is. There's really nothing like this place.
Thought I would just chill in a tree for a while and write poetry while listening to the ripples of the evening lake. Yup, that sounds like a pretty good way to spend the evening.

There's our hostel across the lake--told you it was RIGHT THERE!

Oh, and after some minor exploring we discovered some ancient Roman ruins--right next to a field of cows. There were these two baby calves that were absolutely adorable, but when we tried to say hello the Mamma cow basically had a cow; for a brief moment I quite literally feared for my life. She was about to charge, it was crazy. But eventually we came to terms and peacefully went our separate ways.
Sunset in Ambleside--really, there are no words to lay it justice.

I could have slept out on that rock all night, just watching the light dance across the water--there's nothing like it. I almost didn't go back to the hostel, if it wasn't for the cold, because my word, I have never experienced anything quite as spiritually mind blowing as those colors and lights and visual pleasures. You can't really describe it, or show it--it just is, it's a beauty that is only truly comprehended in the moment you are experiencing it. If I had my way, I would never leave this place.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."
--William Wordsworth

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