Sunday, January 2, 2011

Elder Andersen

Once upon a time there were two awesome little cousins named Kelli and Andy.
Then they got old and Andy become Elder Andrew Andersen.
For two years Elder Andersen served the wonderful people of Germany, bringing happiness to all of us--let me tell you, what a good writer! His beautiful letters got me through each week... but we of course missed our dear Andy, and so this Christmas we finally got to welcome him back home!
Elder Andersen came out of the terminal all grown up... but still very much the little Andy I remember... not to mention quite stylish and Euro.
It was quite a sweet reunion.

Such an adorable family.
and my sweet little Andy... always the ladies' man for sure, haha--brought Eva Jean some European chocolates. :)
Welcome home Andy!
And a HUGE thank you to Emily Snow for remembering to bring a camera and taking pictures for us! :)

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