Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carl BloCH (we decided it must be said with an obnoxiously throaty noise by the way)

Today it snowed and rained like crazy, making the roads slippery and flooded and crazy--why on earth would you want to go outside today? But somehow we did... oh yeah, because Carolyn and Daniel got us tickets to that new Carl Bloch exhibit at the MOA. Admittedly I wasn't really in the mood, as much as I do love museums (not sarcastically--I did graduate in Humanities after all), but it was well worth the trip. For one, it's pretty much amazing that they were able to aquire all that they have there--getting paintings from other museums and collectors is one thing, but getting them straight off of church altarpieces is quite another. I still can't believe they found a way to pull it all off....

Anyway, there's not much I can say--it's one of those things you just have to witness for yourself--but it was wonderful for sure. It's not just a collection of neat religious paintings like I feared; Mr. Bloch was one seriously in-tune individual, and if you take the time to really experience his work, it can be life-changing. His paintings truly bear witness to the individual relationship of man, the world, nature, humanity, and spirituality, basically all my favorite things you know. ;) Yes, he has technical skill, but I think his true talent is the feeling he brings to his work. It's just touching, there's not much that you can say to explain the experience. Just go experience it yourself--it doesn't take long, and it's well worth the trip. Yes, art is absolutely awesome.
"God helps me; that's what I think, and then I'm calm."

What: Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand

Where: BYU Museum of Art

When: Nov. 12-Mar 7, 2011; extended hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m

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