Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One of my favorite things about England: their cars. Everyone drives the most amazing cars! I mean, seriously, no boring cars--just check out this beauty:

Yes, I do need one--My birthday's in May, just in case you want to get me one.
After our tour of the Minster, we had some time to stroll around Yorkshire. Besides cool cars, I got to meet Bob the Builder!
Yes, I am easily amused--can we dress you? yes we can! Hahaha... not sure how I feel about this...
In the middle of this cute town are the "Little Shambles," which is--can you guess?--shopping! :P Except this time I was actually into shopping here, because they had the cutest little food shops--I can shop when food is involved.
Look at these petite fours--so adorable!
You know me, I'm pretty quick sometimes... it wasn't until we found this pub that I realized that "York" is "Yorkshire," and a Yorkie (the dogs we have) is actually a YORKSHIRE Terrier--you know, from YORKSHIRE! Yup, I was in the birthplace of the coolest thing on the planet--THE YORKIE! Cheers to MacGyver, Dolly, and baby Vera! <3
Awesome! It's my baby!

Chocolate Heaven???! HECK YES!!!
Oh yeah, this is my kind of shopping.
Cutest candy shops I've ever seen--had to get the giant Disneyland lollipops--so much fun!
So after a stroll through the town and some extra yummy English treats, we headed back to London once again... which by the way, was THE BEST coach ride ever!--no stops, no movies, no nothing, just wonderful, beautiful, glorious sleep. I have finally learned to LOVE sleep. :)

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