Friday, November 5, 2010

York Castle Museum

Oh my word, school is going to be the death of me... which is ironic, because it is also the life of me. One day I'll figure out how that works...

This week has been so busy! I seriously feel like I haven't even had time to breathe, it's ridiculous! So after getting my 10 page proposal done for my research paper (that's just the proposal--what the heck??!), I'm taking a break and going back to London Town--well, actually Yorkshire Town, but you get the idea. :)

So, how many museums can you take on one trip?! I mean, seriously--a museum every day it seems... and somehow I love it! :) This was by far my favorite one though, hands down; after Fountains Abbey, Tony dropped us off in downtown York to explore. Only three of us went to the York Castle Museum--the rest went shopping (of course, haha!). But let me tell you, we three had such a blast!
Can't you tell? Sitting on the pot--literally... wahaha! What an awesome museum!

Yes, it did have authentic smells...
And the history of feminine hygiene... what a fun exhibit. :P
and some more toilets...

Cathedral hygiene--how fitting!
Enough bathroom talk--time to head off to old time Yorkshire!
and... school? I thought we were taking a vacation!

Figures--forever workin' day and night.
It's like being put in prison--literally! Wait, how did I get back here?!?
Oh, right...
Village Idiot. Figures.
But I got out--found the weapons exhibit. ;)
Heck yes--I could handle a sword--think I could fit that in my suitcase? Oh yeah, I look good with that. ;)
Of course, how fitting--on to the wedding exhibit? I'm sure there's some metaphorical irony in this... but then again, I could definitely pull off the white dress too... ;)
Yeah, I'm old enough to admit that I would look dang good in a wedding dress--any takers? :P
Hey, and I'm always down with a man in uniform! Is that Wickham?
Suddenly we're back in Jane Austen--now how did that happen? Think I felt more comfortable in that prison cell... haha

But then again, I do love the costume timeline exhibits--so much fun! and York Castle has one of the largest costume collections in Britain--awesome! Check out the antique sewing machines--yeah, my Mom totally has one of those, only even more awesome, but these aren't too bad.
Oooooh, and vintage! LOVE IT!

I NEED this dress. Yes, it's a need.

Really our favorite part of the timeline were these swimsuits--why can't they make cute ones like these? Modest, flattering, and just adorable. Much better than some skimpy bikini. Changed my mind--THIS I NEED.

Such a cool place--best museum EVER. :D

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