Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stress busters (part 2) | Mormon Times

Guess what: sometimes stress isn't so good on us. I know, it's like a drug--some of us, myself included, are quite addicted--but there comes a point when it turns into a bad thing. Finals? What? Yeah. I just spent the past week, nearly all day every day working on one single project for one single class--I haven't even seen the outside world for days! It's nice to have a break this week for Thanksgiving, but all I can think about it what I need to have done before I go back to school on Monday--and that's not what the holiday is about! I've seen too many of us crash and burn this time of year, and we don't have to; take a breather and enjoy life amid the stress. It makes the stress much more enjoyable, and life so much more fun. :) This article has a few suggestions--just try them, what could it hurt?

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