Thursday, August 26, 2010

L'Hôtel national des Invalides and AMORINO love

"Les Invalides," or the National Residence of the Invalids, is a building complex filled with museums, monuments, and all sorts of cool stuff dealing with the military history of France; it also contains a hospital and retirement home for war veterans, hence the "hotel."

Inside we discovered the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, that of which further proved to me just how much this guy had issues. You can't tell too much in this picture, but the thing is enormous. Napoleon's body is entombed in five different tombs, buried beneath this giant thing.
The tomb of Ferdinand Foch is also found here. Foch was teh Marshal of France and Allied Supreme Commander of the Great War.
Église du Dôme Chapel.
Pretty cool place actually, and especially cool that we were able to get in after so many failed attempts at other sites! Awesome. Afterwards we had just enough time to visit the Latin Quarter once more to say goodbye to the amazing crepe man.

And the best part of the entire day, I might even dare say the best part of the entire trip to Paris, was our accident stumbling upon Amorino Gelato. It is quite literally a piece of heaven.
You pick a size and then fill it with as many flavors as you would like (so of course I got the biggest one and got one of every chocolatey-cookie type flavor they had).

and if you are really special, they shape your gelato into a rose.
AMAZING. What a way to end my last moments in Paris.

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