Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bastille Day!

Out of all the days of the year I could have been in Paris, what are the odds of it being Bastille Day!? Crazy--what a day. Can I say that again? WHAT A DAY! I wasn't exactly ecstatic about coming to Paris, but Bastille Day--yeah, that made it all worth my while for sure. The Louvre, Notre Dame, the parade and jets, downpour like you'd never believe, spending the entire day lost and soaking wet, DELICIOUS crepes, Sacre Couer, Sephora, Arc de Triomphe, fireworks, and getting to know new friends. What a day I must say.

Colored smoke from the jets flying over the parade.
Red, white, and blue!

After an amazingly crazy day of getting lost but having a blast on an adventure, a group of us headed up the Champs-Elysees to watch the fireworks from the Arc de Triomphe. Because they didn't start until 11pm we toured the shops up that streets--though to call them shops doesn't quite do it justice. These are the world design houses--not just stores, the actual real deal. These are the designers, THE DESIGNERS, the design capital of the world--where fashion begins. Do you understand how cool this is??? Anyway, we had a few hours to kill, so we did makeovers in Sephora. Lizzie did my eyes up to be festive for Bastille day--I was the only guinea pig brave enough to let her do blue. ;) I like dressing up--pretty, crazy, whatever, I'll go for it.

And finally (I was so exhausted, I thought they would never begin)--the fireworks!!!
Watching the fireworks from the Arc itself--not the closest view, but definitely good enough for me--it's the ARC DE TRIOMPHE after all! And the best part was that we beat the crowds and made it home first. Yep, that's where I get excited. ;)
Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! Bonne fete! Yay for crazy French Revolutionaries storming the Bastille!

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