Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Smile and Let it Come

I'm not happy today, I'll just throw that one out there for you. I'm moving out of my beloved apartment, away from my dear roommates and wonderful ward, and while I know it's the right thing to do, it doesn't make it any easier. The memories cling to me like little monsters, eating away at my soul--I want to stay, and yet I want to go. Ugh.

Why? Will they miss me? Will they know that I'm gone? Will they remember, will they still be my friends; will we still play together like old times, and laugh and live life like we used to? Will my family put up with me?

Stupid brain. Stupid genetics. Stupid being sick. Stupid sensitivity.

But you know, that's what life is--it was never meant to be a fairytale. It's a test--the prize isn't now, that comes at the end if we pass. For now, we just do our best with what we have.

As a good friend recently told me: "Just smile and let it come. :) It's actually very good to know that Heavenly Father can put you through things - trusting that you can make it through on top."

Heavenly Father must really trust me--I'd better not let Him down.

Now that's love. If He can do all that just for me, He must truly love me.


Amber said...

You have such a good attitude Kellianne. Thanks for being a good example. :)

Elisabeth said...

Just a word to the wise..that being you...sensitivity is NOT a bad thing...be proud of the fact you can feel!!! LOVE YOU