Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cross-Country Skiing

When I was in junior high, the 2002 Olympic games came to Utah. I had the privilege of attending the women's cross-country skiing event. I found it to be cold, blinding, and not entirely exciting, not to mention that America was terrible at the sport. However, I am an adventurous person and I am always up for trying something new, so when I heard that for Humanities Council we were going cross-country skiing for our winter retreat, I was somewhat interested. It still didn't look all too exciting, but everything is worth trying at least once. Turns out, it's a blast! It looks dull and a lot of work for nothing, but there is something about it that is just fantastic! You have to work so much harder, or at least it feels like it, so the adrenaline gets pumping and when the mixes with the cool night air you get a sense of something raw and real--the moon was bright, the snow was sparkling, and I wasn't crashing--it was wonderful. I wish I had pictures to truly show how great it was, but you'll just have to use your imagination for now with the pictures from the lodge; I haven't quite mastered my camera in the dark.

If you haven't ever gone cross-country skiing, I highly encourage you to give it a try! It is only $5 at Aspen Grove in the evenings, and it's definitely worth the experience--can you really put a price on a little adventure here and there?

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