Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What WE Wore--Halloween Part 4--Me and My Babies!

What would Halloween be without my babies? (aka, my puppies) Not nearly as fun as it would be to spend the holiday with them of course! I mean, I don't have little kids of my own to embarrass with suffocating Halloween costumes, so my little puppies got to humor me instead--and besides, they're much cuter than kids anyway. ;)

AND, we of course have to go in a coordinated fashion--RIGHT? Of course. :) Say hello to my little puppy pirate crew!

First in the lineup, Dolly in her skull and crossbones Halloween sweater:

Vera of course, in an adorable skull and crossbones flirty skirt dress:

(complete with rhinestone bows)

And last, but most certainly NOT least--Captain Macgyver!

My favorite part, look at how much my little Vera has grown! Sitting on top of her back is her little dress from last year's Halloween--look at how tiny she was! That was only a year ago--I can't believe what a big girl she is now! (yup, just huge--a whole whopping 6-7lbs)

Happy Halloween!

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