Monday, November 7, 2011

What WE Wore--Halloween Part 3--FIRST GRADE!

The best part of Halloween--having Halloween in the first grade! I mean, seriously--holidays through the eyes of children is where the magic is at, right? Totally. :) 

So, with my wondrous closet filled with goodies, I was really struggling to decide what to be for our first grade Halloween party and parade... inspiration hit the Friday before Halloween when we took a field trip to see the musical production, "How I Became a Pirate." The kids have been all over the pirate thing ever since! So...

What costume could be better than a pirate?? Of course, it was my own personal interpretation of such things (aka, pink), but my kids enjoyed it. :)

What a day! It was the BEST to march with the kids down the hall during our Halloween parade--they were all so cute! They just lit up like 19 little Christmas trees as we paraded around the school--totally a Kodak moment day, I just LOVED it!

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