Monday, July 25, 2011

I Won Something?

You know, with all of these craft blogs and whatnot out there, I'm continually entering amazing giveaways nearly every day (speaking of which, have you checked out my current giveaway??? CHECK IT OUT!)--however, I was completely surprised to discover that I actually WON one of them! That's right, I really did--I won a giveaway over at Simply Cadence, and that sweetheart Jaclyn sent me this lovely patriotic bandana for my dog:

 I know these aren't the best pictures ever, but Vera hasn't been feeling too hot today (hopefully she didn't ingest any more mushrooms--those seem to be her favorite, mushrooms, grass, and poppies...), but in celebration of pioneer day, she got to dress up, even if she did just sleep all day.

 But see how cute it is? Thanks Jaclyn! :)

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