Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Not too long ago I spent a weekend at my Grandma's house--she just had open heart surgery, about a billion complications, some more surgeries, and about two weeks in the ICU. Fun times--I was asked to stay with her to help, but when I got there she was up and about and doing (to me) ridiculously well--I couldn't believe it! She's one tough lady, that's for sure. I think the saddest thing for me was that she was just getting ready to plant many of her flowers the day she went into the hospital--my Grandma always has the most beautiful flower garden, she just loves gardening--so I know she was discouraged a bit that she hadn't been able to complete her planting yet. However, as I was doing dishes one afternoon I discovered this gorgeous hot pink hollyhock flower growing outside the kitchen window:

Isn't it just GORGEOUS?? I love the bright color--and this thing is HUGE!

I went outside to check it out, and upon closer inspection I realize that this plant isn't growing quite like I originally thought--these aren't the best pictures ever, but if you look closely you can see that it is growing out of the window well!

Yep, all the way down there--several feet I might add--is the start of this beautiful flower--growing up and out of the window well into the sun! My Grandma informed me that she hadn't planted this particular flower (obviously), but it had grown up on it's own, and she left it where it was because it was just so amazing and beautiful.

So, besides that I pretty much just though this flower was awesome, there is a moral to the story of course: I feel like there are so many things in life that are out of my control, and as a control freak and perfectionist this is very troubling at times--I want to help, I want to initiate change, I want to make the world a better place--these are all wonderful desires, but there are some things in life that honestly are out of our control--you can't make life perfect, there will always be things and circumstances that we may not like yet are completely out of our hands. However, that doesn't mean that "Life sucks, then you die" (a favorite quote of mine, admittedly); you can enjoy life, and you will never be denied any joy or blessing, no matter how bleak your circumstances may seem, just as long as you keep trying--Look at this flower? Falling into the dark, cold rock bed of a window well probably wasn't the ideal circumstance and placement for it, but did that stop it from growing into an amazing and beautiful flower? It's the most beautiful flower in the entire garden! So, as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, the saying continues to hold true: 


And I would like to add that it doesn't say GROW where you're planted, or SURVIVE where you're planted--those things are easy; what's hard but what is definitely most important and most fulfilling in life is to BLOOM where you're planted--it is very clear: BLOOM. Don't ever think that you can't do it--because you can, and you can do it beautifully. Do your best, and in the end it will all work out.

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Kaitlin McKinlay said...

Look at you Kelli, you're so inspirational! I love the pictures, and those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for a good message!