Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Accept Compliments Gracefully

Accept praise.

Sometimes the hardest thing to hear and to accept is a compliment. We tend to be guarded, possibly because we have been hurt by words in the past. We fight the urge to believe the praise; it simply can’t be true.

The truth is compliments should be embraced and welcomed. They’re an intangible gift, a confirmation of a job well done. Others may see great changes happening to you and they want to let you know. Respond with a smile and a simple “thank you.”

You deserve to be flattered, so accept it, and enjoy it!

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This concept is one of the most difficult things for me to grasp--WAS one of them, but as I am learning to embrace love and the wonderful blessings we receive from our many relationships around us, compliments have become a good thing. :) There ain't nothin' wrong with love. <3

P.S. Thank you Jonathan! I totally needed this--and it's fit absolutely perfectly into place today! :D

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