Thursday, October 15, 2009

AF Hero

Tuesday night I attended a marching band competition at the BYU stadium, to watch Christian kick serious butt (which he did--Timpview won every award except 2nd and 3rd place thank you very much). It was awesome.

There was something more to this particular competition: American Fork. I couldn't believe that they even came, let alone performed--every single band member, even the injured played from the sidelines. It was crazy. And what a wonderful tribute, to be able to honor her with their program only a few days after her death. It was beautiful.

I couldn't do the story justice, so check it out yourself. :)

I found another article quite interesting, in which one of the rescue workers at the crash scene believes that if the crash happened one second sooner or later the outcome would have been much worse. Need I say more?

AND... for nerds like me who would like to see AF's entire performance, here you go:

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