Thursday, September 25, 2008

Only in Provo

As usual, I was running late to school today, as I am usually running late to everything (or perhaps I am never late nor early, I arrive precisely when I mean to). In a hurry, I generally throw my keys in a random pocket of my backpack, so every afternoon it is an adventure trying to rediscover them. Well, this time it was an especially long adventure... it was hot, I was exhausted, and I was going to be late for work. I completely emptied out my backpack, to no avail. I peered through the windows, but there was nothing hiding within the car. Where oh where were my blasted keys?!?! I didn't know what to do, I was at a complete loss. So, dressed in a skirt, teary-eyed and feeling beads of sweat begin to fall, I knelt on the sweltering pavement and said a simple and sincere prayer. I stood up, opened my eyes, and lo and behold, can you imagine what was sitting right in front of me on the roof of my car? I couldn't believe it! They had been there since 9Am, just hanging out for anyone to come and take. Only in Provo would they still be sitting there waiting for me. I promise I'm not dumb, I just have some blond moments sometimes (I can blame my brain disorders for that, thanks Mom :P ). However, these little "cerebral slips" as I have come to call them, always give me a chuckle, and for that, I am grateful to them, even if they do make me out to be quite the blond. :D


JeJim said...

it's heriditary, trust me,
Lots of love and best wishes on your health,


Carolyn said...

So one time I went to Maceys and thought I locked my keys in my car so you came and rescued me. Then I found out my keys were in my purse the whole time. Yep. Remember that?

Ron and Elisabeth Willis said...

What's my excuse then...early onset of alshemiers???? Or having pick!