Saturday, September 6, 2008

Facing Your Fears

I am an extremely curious, active, and adventurous person; I love experiencing new and amazing things. However, many of these adventures would include something high, or at least, above the ground. Any of these are too much for me. My entire life I have had a terrible fear of heights. I was always the kid that stood in line for the roller coaster for an hour, only to chicken out at the last minute and have to squeeze my way back through the line to wait on the bench until my friends were done. I was the kid who would make it all the way to the top of the high dive, only to shamefully climb back down the latter. Yes, I was the kid that everyone is always waiting in line for because the poor thing is too scared to move. I figured it was just something that I could learn to live with. Unfortunately, being the person that I am, that just wasn't going to work for me, no way.

Today was the day that it all changed. I went to CLAS ROPES course for our Humanities College Council retreat. There, we were forced to participate in many activities that really tried my trust and my fears, one especially. In this activity one was to climb up this massively tall tree and jump off of a platform at the top in an attempt to grab a trapeze ring. It was terrifying! Sure, I was harnessed in, but still, that doesn't make it that much better. Deep down inside I really wanted to do it, it looked like a ton of fun, but I was too scared. As usual I was just going to pass it by, but then our counselor told me, "When you're scared, that's when you just have to do it." It's so true in so many ways. So, I said a little prayer, and you know what? I totally did it! and it was amazing! In fact, now I have a sudden urge to go sky-diving. :) Sometimes life is funny, but it shouldn't stop us. Get out and do something exciting! Never let anything limit you. If I could face my fear of heights that's been plaguing me for 20 years, I can do anything!

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