Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Cuddly Pit Bull Teddy Bear

The dog has been esteemed and loved by all the people on earth and he has deserved this affection for he renders services that have made him man's best friend. 
~Alfred Barbou

Dogs are miracle workers--so extraordinarily amazing! They truly are man's best friend--my little puppy is most certainly my best friend! Recently I visited my Uncle's house and spent some time with his dog, Capone (awesome name, right?). Capone is a pit bull--a pit bull! At first I was surprised that he got a pit bull for his kids, but then I met Capone and fell in love--he is super friendly, ridiculously well behaved, and such a cuddlebug--I stayed the night and when I woke up Capone was cuddled up next to me, snuggled into the covers and everything, he's just like a giant teddy bear.

Who knew that a pit bull could be such a sweetheart?! Well... apparently this isn't anything new: did you know that they used to use pit bulls are nanny dogs?? It's true! They actually have quite the reputation for being a very nurturing, caring creature--it's rather tragic that they've developed such a bad reputation, because really they can be such sweethearts! Check out this interesting article:

Like I said, dog's are pretty dang amazing.

Thanks to Simply Cadence for the article!

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Toughie said...

Aww, he's so cute! He looks almost identical to a little pitty we rescued in January. We have a pit bull/bull mastiff, and he's a complete sweetheart too, even though we get some dirty looks sometimes, and there are a lot of people who are kind of scared of him at first. BUT I'd never have another kind of dog. Anyway, I found your blog from Sew Many Ways, and just wanted to say Hello :D