Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots and Lots of Features!

Normally I don't like to complain about being sick, but you just have those days where it's too much to deal with--I don't even mind the 2-5 days where you fee like you're going to die, it's the 2-5 weeks following where you're feeling better, but not well enough to do all those wonderful things that you want to do--just completely fatigued and lacking life--as if the sickness just won't let go, even though you're long done with it. It's lame--that's where I'm at right now, and as much as I absolutely hate complaining, it really sucks. :(

So, with that preface... I have not been feeling up to pair, physically or emotionally--but then today something wonderful happened: I checked my email this morning and came across three amazing surprises--I was featured on THREE different blogs today! What a way to turn the week around!

My Couture Zipper Necklaces were featured over at Sugar Bee Crafts!

DesirĂ©e over at The 36th Avenue awarded me the "Girl.. You've Got Style!" sticker for my Yo-Yo Headbands and Zipper Rose Headbands!

36th Avenue

My Zipper Rose Headbands were also featured over at The4Rs Ramblings!

and last, but most certainly not least, my ENTIRE BLOG was featured over at A Creative Princess!

Thank you SOOOOOO much Terri--this truly is the greatest honor! A Creative Princess is by far one of my favorite blogs--it's so cute, and Terri is so ridiculously creative! If you've never seen it, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! It's so worth it--Terri, you are a true gem!

And thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my blog and shop and creative ventures--thank you so much for helping to pick me up when I'm not feeling quite up to par. :)

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