Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Tough Puppy

My poor little Vera... is home from the hospital again! That poor dear spends more time at the vet than any other pet I've ever owned--put together! But she's a fighter, that's for sure, and this time (fingers crossed) she is good to go. Last week she visited the doctor to be spayed and have surgery on her hip. When we came home from Washington Vera was limping horribly and having a really hard time doing much with her back leg--I called the vet the next day because I was worried she had fractured her foot. Vera had to stay overnight for an x-ray and observation, and the next day I received a call explaining that my little Vera had a genetic disorder involving her hip joint. Apparently the ball and socket didn't form quite right in the womb, and so the growth plate isn't developing correctly and is essentially disintegrating! I couldn't believe it--my poor little girl! But fortunately the vet assured me that with an extremely simple surgery her hip would be absolutely fine--what a relief! So now Vera has a naked back end (shaved from surgery) and a very funny walk, but she definitely is feeling better--she continually attacks her mother and has now discovered that she can run very fast without that hip problem weighing her down.
Nice little Franken-Butt there. ;)
Although she is doing fantastic, like any surgery, she is still in recovery--so, laugh all you want, but I'm quite pleased with my latest sewing project:
Yes, Vera is my baby. <3

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