Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yo Ho

Portsmouth was one of my favorite trips! We got to board the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. Lord Nelson was an awesome guy--he suffered from terrible seasickness, yet he was a national seafaring hero!
So, behind me there is the HMS Victory herself--quite a beauty!
And here is a naval ship from today--cool I guess, but it's just not quite same.
See how big it is?

Admiral's cabin--these guys lived in style.
Even had his own master bedroom--yep, living the high life.
Not much different from the infirmary--would laying in one of these even help if you were sick?
We decided it would be much more fun being pirates.
Yup, it's definitely a pirate's life for me! :)

Nice big anchor for a nice big boat.
And of course, we had to do a jumping picture.
Yay for friends and adventures!

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Jesse said...

So the bed for the admiral. If you died at sea, you would be stitched up in your own bed and buried at sea. To avoid the unpleasant thought of sleeping in your own coffin every night, the admirals wife (or mistress) would make some decorations to make things look a bit more welcoming.