Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finals in London Town

Finals are never fun--but they are especially torturous when you are surrounded by the magnificence of London Town but are stuck inside STUDYING! Sigh... but it was all worth it, and we made it through in the end. Of course, we had a few things to help us survive:

1. High Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery
2. Indian Food made by Sister Shuler

Yes, I look very happy, I know--because in the middle of finals, I definitely was... yeah...
But the food was wonderful--we even ate on banana leaves and everything!
4. Awesome friends
5. Massive Pizza Party
with very massive pizzas.

6. Cadbury chocolate and Nutella
7. More Nutella
8. Definitely some more Nutella
9. Spa treatments. Apparently it looked like Nutella--it even smelled like chocolate, but it definitely did not taste any good...
Yup, this is what finals do to you. Happy day.
10. Being a dork and having friends who love you anyway. :)

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