Friday, August 7, 2009

Pivot... PIvot... PIIIVOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

Here is a letter from Carolyn--I got a good laugh out of it:

How many PhD students does it take to move a couch?‏


Three: two physics and one mechanical engineering, plus a dental student and a med student.

A step-by-step process for your enjoyment:

Step 1: Try moving the couch around the tight corner.

Step 2: Try moving the couch through the window (turns out the windows don't come out or move much)

Step 3: Give up trying to move it into the living room and try moving it upstairs instead

Step 4: Look at it for a long time and try to think of other options

Step 5: Decide to cut the couch in half (cringe) to get it around the corner. Call mechanical engineer's wife to bring power tools.

Step 6: Consult Carolyn before slicing through the fabric. Discover that no slicing of fabric is necessary -- just take out the staples.

Step 7: Cut through top and bottom beams in the back of the couch.

Step 8: Bend the couch around the corner and be happy when that works.

Step 9: Screw additional pieces of wood to the two cut beams to stabilize. Stable fabric back in place.

Step 10: Put your couch in the living room (finally) and heave a sigh. What we have gone through for this couch!

Apparently couches don't really fit into our apartment complex. Nor do beds (although we did manage to fit our new queen bed in -- barely). This place had a great designer...

Thought you might enjoy this. Love to all,


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JeJim said...

LOVE IT!!! So I'm thinking at this point you didn't need a PHD but a furniture salesman with a Bachelors, where's Uncle Jim When you need him!