Monday, March 11, 2013

Shirts into Skirt Upcycle

I've been trying to cycle through my wardrobe finally--I haven't done it in a LONG time, and I could definitely use the extra space. I came across a few shirts that I never wear, and as I was about to throw them out, I suddenly saw something in them: could I turn those into a skirt? I was getting rid of them anyway, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

I basically turned my shirts upside down; the leopard print had elastic around the hem, so it made a perfect pre-done waistband. The neck-edge had a cute ruffle around it, so I left it intact to become the new hem for my skirt; I then cut off the ruffled hem from the yellow skirt and stitched it to the new hem of the skirt to give it a little extra layering. I chopped off the sleeves and stitched the holes shut, then cut the elastic from those sleeve pieces and stitched it around the back of the hem.

Basically, in the end, I just cut and pasted all over the place and had a lot of fun. With the extra fabric, I cut out some floral pieces and made a big yellow flower for the skirt, as well as a flower pin to match the ensemble.

And voila! Three old shirts now become one brand new outfit! :)


amy mayen said...

Cute! I love refashions!

Marie bloominghomestead said...

Super cute! you did such a good job, and way to upcycle! Thanks so much for sharing at Crafty Tuesday.

Natasha said...

What a great idea, it turned out fantastic!

Natasha ~