Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bright and Beautiful Big Bow Ear Warmers!

Wow, what a crazy new year it's been! :) But we are BACK and ready to share our latest creations! 

Here in Utah, Winter has been harsh and downright FREEEEZING! When I am out with the kids at recess during work, I am SO glad to have one of these Bright and Beautiful Big Bow Ear Warmers! (I have the Sunshine Yellow) I can still keep my style even while braving the cold--they are so warm and so soft, I just button it around my head (which is great because then it doesn't mess up my hair either!), and voila! Instant ear warmth and comfort. 

Our Bright and Beautiful Big Bow Ear Warmers come in three stunning colors!

These adorable bright and beautiful big bow fleece headband/ear-warmers are perfect to bring the warmth of a clean summer's day to keep you warm with style this winter! Check 'em out over at our shop, Tinkeranniebelle!

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