Friday, August 26, 2011


Since I happen to live at the base of the Y, I figure it's probably a wise thing to take advantage of the view--and since I haven't hiked the Y since my surgery (they wouldn't let me go to the gym, so I decided to hike the Y every morning instead... not sure how that made sense), it's about time I took a stroll up the mountain again--and what a beautiful view!

Look at all that WATER! I've never seen so much in the valley before!

and just to prove that I actually did hike all the way to the top (not that it's the worst hike ever, but I personally think it's deceivingly not-so-easy):

"What are men to rocks and mountains?" -Jane Austen

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Kaitlin McKinlay said...

You are so cool. And your blog always makes me homesick. I want to hike the Y again!