Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is a short post, but how can I ever put into words what my mother means to me? She is everything and then some! She has taught me everything I know; I owe everything to her, from my creativity to my determination to my sewing skills to my understanding of how important family is. If there is one thing that stands above all else, the one thing I will always remember from my mother is how much she loves her family--how important they are to her--while others my prefer to party on the weekends, I find them best spent with my family, particularly with my mother. She is, above all else, my very BEST FRIEND! <3

Nothing could be more true. To the most amazing mother in the world: thank you for everything you do--Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!!!

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melissa said...

Thanks Kellianne! I love you too! You are a wonderful daughter, and I am so proud of all you do!